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Now stocking Fiat proximity key fobs

Monday, September 25, 2017
posted by cmk @ 1:24 PM

Carey My Keys, Moncton’s Friendliest Locksmith is now stocking Fiat Proximity keys for push start ignitions. We are the Maritimes most innovative automotive locksmith with all of the latest technology and equipment to assist you in all your automotive needs. Need an additional key? Lost the keys completely with no spare? Whether key in ignition or push start or key fob we can get you back up and running again at a fraction of what a dealership would charge, and do it faster than them too. We can go to the vehicle so you do not have to have it towed giving you even more savings on both money and frustration. We also remove and repair ignitions and door locks for most makes and models. The key to a stress free ride is Carey My Keys! 386-KEYS or 264 High St. in Moncton. Just look for the big yellow key.

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A reason to celebrate!

Monday, September 11, 2017
posted by cmk @ 2:20 PM

This week marks our 7 year anniversary since opening our doors in greater Moncton. We have grown, moved, and grown some more. We have added 3 full time and 1 part time positions since opening, and are hoping to add more in the future. I can’t thank the wonderful people of the tri community and surrounding area enough for all your continued support and bearing with us during our growing pains and celebrations. It is a pleasure and a privilege to continue to serve our customers and we are looking forward to serving you hopefully for another 70 more years. We are Moncton’s friendliest locksmith and we are Moncton proud! Thank you to all of our valued customers, family and friends who continue to support us today, tomorrow and for years to come. Cheers from all of us at Carey My Keys!

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New Arrivals!!!

Friday, July 21, 2017
posted by cmk @ 1:53 PM

Carey My Keys has just received a new shipment of safes. B rated Double door depository, BF rated (Burglar and Fire rated), 5 different size economy fire safes, wall safes, gun safes, jewellery safes, commercial B rated safes for cash drawers storage. We have 20 different safes on display in our showroom. Making us the largest safe show room in Atlantic Canada. We also recently received a new shipment of hundreds of new and different personality keys. Assuring we have a key for every personality. And again with thousands of designer personality keys on display we have Atlantic Canada’s largest selection of designer keys on display. With so much to touch see come see Atlantic Canada’s Friendliest Locksmith at 264 High St in Moncton.

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Almost time to get ready for Summer Break.

Friday, April 28, 2017
posted by cmk @ 6:13 PM

If you have children that will be home this summer, that will be out playing with their friends. Than be sure to supply your child with a good working house key or view our in stock display of keyless entry lock sets. And help to ensure that they are not feeling left out because they are locked out. We have hundreds of designer keys and assure you we have a key for every personality. Designer keys help children quickly identify their house key and are less likely to lose it because it doesn’t look like every other house key. And if you are not comfortable in your child’s abilities to hold on to a key we have Schlage brand keyless entry lock sets with up to 10 different user codes so each person can have their own code. We are Moncton’s Friendliest Locksmith and we have all your security needs. Visit our showroom today at 264 High St. in Moncton or call us at 386-KEYS (5397).

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Easy wireless 4 camera system, simple to self install.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016
posted by cmk @ 3:12 PM

No Wires to run, no need for professional installation, includes 4 cameras and NVR, works off your wifi. This is security simplified. Available now at Carey My Keys, Moncton’s Friendliest Locksmith.IMG_20161109_1043137

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